Modern Islamic Arts Launches to Reshape the Global Islamic Wall Arts and Decor Landscape - Digital Journal

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Finding high-quality Islamic art in modern, contemporary designs that can be hung on home and office walls today is almost an impossibility. Regardless of the society Muslims find themselves or their social status, Islamic wall art remains an integral component of their culture. However, sifting through the thousands of wall arts and decor designs to find something befitting in this modern age can be nerve-cracking and time-consuming. On this note, Modern Islamic Arts is pleased to announce it would be offering Muslims worldwide the chance to shop online and select from a wide range of designs, colors, sizes, and framing options that can fit any budget and taste. Such flexibility is the first of its kind. Outdoor Metal Wall Art Decor

Modern Islamic Arts Launches to Reshape the Global Islamic Wall Arts and Decor Landscape - Digital Journal

Modern Islamic Arts is a first-of-its-kind company looking to revamp popular Islamic art to suit contemporary tastes and décor. At Modern Islamic Arts, stylish designs, high-quality fine art, and popular trending colors are utilized in designing the new trendy Islamic arts to be put up at homes. The company boasts of having over 130 designs of beautiful Islamic art decorations to give any wall a modern look while maintaining the significance of each art piece and the flexibility to select the size and framing option for any art piece.

“We wanted to reshape the Islamic wall art and decor landscape, by breaking free from the dominant monochromatic metallic and wooden cutouts,” explained Mazen E., CEO of Modern Islamic Arts. “We created fine Islamic art pieces with new designs and bold colors that match modern home decor. Additionally, it was our desire to serve the Muslim communities in North America and Europe, who formerly relied on imports from East Asia, by producing premium Islamic art pieces locally with the industry’s highest quality standards, and designs that match the western Muslim home.”

The Modern Islamic Arts collection is the largest online collection of Islamic Wall Arts in the world. As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, the Modern Islamic Arts sale offers a great opportunity for the Muslim ummah to give their homes a facelift and gift friends and loved ones during the period. The quality of each art design is guaranteed as they are made in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Modern Islamic Arts are known for their iconic design of the 99 Names of Allah. This design is now offered as an Islamic clock and Acrylic Block ornaments. Other featured items include Islamic pattern design, Arabesque wall art, and more. The Muslim community in Europe and North America can take advantage of this opportunity to acquire these arts at a 20 percent discount and free worldwide shipping.

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Modern Islamic Arts Launches to Reshape the Global Islamic Wall Arts and Decor Landscape - Digital Journal

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